About Us

our story

Formed as a partnership in July 1997, AGP Law LLC (formerly known as Ari Goh & Partners) is a full-service law firm, which has built up a trusted reputation in the legal industry for more than 20 years since 1997, particularly in the areas of commercial litigation, and dispute resolution.

With its incorporation to AGP Law LLC in 2019, the firm has expanded to better serve its burgeoning pool of clients, which include a substantial number of multi-national companies, listed entities, and small to medium enterprises, spanning various industries and sectors.  The firm’s clientele comprises of entities in various sectors, including airlines, hotels, freight forwarders, logistics, marine industry, manpower & staffing, information technology, biotechnology, industrial and manufacturing.  The firm provides a full suite of legal services to new and existing clients.  Our foremost objective to work together with each and every client to achieve practical legal solutions that address the concerns of each client, in a timely, professional and effective manner.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide value-added solutions and excellent service levels, which are greatly valued by our substantial portfolio of clients.  The firm commands a stellar reputation in the legal industry in Singapore, both with legal professionals and in the market place.  The firm also commands one of the highest rate of referral in the industry

Our Values

We believe that the values of an individual shape their actions and approach to life.

At AGP Law LLC, we have built our firm on a number of core values that we believe have guided us in our practice of the law and how we want to serve our clients.